About us

Started and led by engineers, TruCryo™ is a cutting edge cryo business which leads the sector in innovation. Based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and London, our highly skilled team has a wide range of engineering expertise which has been honed during many years in the technology sector.

Product design and engineering innovation are at the forefront of our capabilities. The team have designed and developed patented technologies in the petroleum, aviation and cryo sectors.

Our in-house capabilities include electrical, mechanical and software engineering.

Kaasen™ and our other True Cryostimulation products were designed, developed and manufactured in-house in Shropshire.

"We are using Cryostimulation as an integral part of our physical therapy treatments, with great results. In many cases the Cryostimulation has relieved pain and reduced inflammation more quickly than other methods of treatment. We highly recommend Cryostimulation as a part of physical therapy treatment to any therapist."

Agnieszka Hawrysz, Sports Injury Clinic Physiotherapist, Thorndale Medical Centre, Dublin