The Benefits of TruCryo

Results are immediate and depending on the condition, last from several hours to days after one single treatment.

Kaasen™ delivers precise, targeted therapy to injured tissues. It is a dry therapy that is applied locally and stimulates an optimal local response from the body to enhance the recovery of damaged tissues from injury.

Using Kaasen TruCryo™ as a stand-alone therapy will provide some benefits for rehabilitation. However, the therapeutic benefits are increased significantly when it is combined with rehabilitation treatments such as manipulation and massage by a skilled practitioner. Kaasen™ is designed to aid recovery from injuries to soft tissues such as torn muscles and ligaments (including sprains and strains), generalised back pain oedema, haematomas and muscle spasms.

For the client/patient;

  • Instant pain relief
  • Reduced systemic inflammation to reduce the potential for exacerbated tissue damage from swelling
  • Brings forward treatment plan during vulnerability phase following tears – rehabilitation process can begin up to 7-days earlier
  • Rapid onset of thermal shock enhances natural inflammatory responses to increase the rate of recovery
  • Increased range of motion to promote enhanced rehabilitation through kinetic therapy

For the practitioner;

  • Massage and manipulation times by can be halved – less discomfort for clients and practitioners
  • Reduced treatment times mean more client appointments can be booked each day
  • Up to 25% “looser” muscle makes manipulation and massage easier – saves practitioners hands

In this way, Kaasen™ is designed to support practitioners and clients; it is not a replacement for skilled hands!




In reaction to the extreme cold, hormones including adrenaline and B-Endorphines are released which are powerful natural pain killers. This provides immediate pain relief.

Reduces Systemic Inflammation

Stimulates immediate improvement in blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Promotes reduction of haematomas, oedemas and swellings.


Reduced systemic inflammation reduces the muscle tension, which increases the range of movement and allows faster rehabilitation.

Feel Good

Encourages a favorable biological response to the cold stress. This has been linked to improved levels of well-being.

"We are using Cryostimulation as an integral part of our physical therapy treatments, with great results. In many cases the Cryostimulation has relieved pain and reduced inflammation more quickly than other methods of treatment. We highly recommend Cryostimulation as a part of physical therapy treatment to any therapist."

Agnieszka Hawrysz, Sports Injury Clinic Physiotherapist, Thorndale Medical Centre, Dublin