Design Features

One device for many treatments

Kaasen™ is the most innovative and versatile Cryostimulation device in the world.

Six interchangeable nozzle attachments allow wide variety of treatments suited to individual conditions and needs.

  • Nozzles – Red, Gold and Black apply the cold at three different pressures.
  • Cone Diffuser – soft focused spray, excellent for cooling joints sensitive to the pressure.
  • Straight Diffuser – soft spray for cooling large areas with a reduced pressure.
  • Cooling Dome – used as a cold press to rub into the affected joint, good for applying manual pressure and cold to the area.
Ice and compression in one

Kaasen™ is unique in having both Ice and Compression in the form of a spray. In under 30 seconds Ice and Compression are achieved. This is a revolution in Cryotherapy.

Localised application

Cryostimulatuion with Kaasen™ is quicker than other cold therapies and more precise, as it affects only the area that requires treatment. It is also suitable for patients who cannot use cryochambers.


Unlike nitrogen, carbon dioxide does not evaporate when not used. It is safer, cheaper to buy and readily available. There is no place for human error – Kaasen™ has a Thermal Shock indicator light and intelligent proximity sensor displaying the optimum treatment distance. The device will shut off if it is operated too close to the skin.

Portable & cost effective

Ergonomic design and light weight make Kaasen™ easy to use. All nozzles for the various treatments are included in the package.

Six attachments with different functions allow to tailor the most suitable therapy for a wide range of conditions.

"We are using Cryostimulation as an integral part of our physical therapy treatments, with great results. In many cases the Cryostimulation has relieved pain and reduced inflammation more quickly than other methods of treatment. We highly recommend Cryostimulation as a part of physical therapy treatment to any therapist."

Agnieszka Hawrysz, Sports Injury Clinic Physiotherapist, Thorndale Medical Centre, Dublin