Revolution in Cryostimulation

Immediate and long-lasting relief from symptoms

Increased mobility and faster recovery

World’s most versatile Cryostimulation device

We combined the most advanced science with the best practice to create Kaasen™.
British-made from the highest quality materials, the KaasenTM is a hand-held Cryostimulation device. Unlike most cryo devices, it is a totally portable; everything fits into a stylish briefcase for use in the clinic, client’s premises or even on the sports field.
Simply connect the device to any size standard carbon dioxide cylinder (the same CO2 as you find in fire extinguishers) to produce a controllable, directed spray of dry vapour at -78OC (-108OF).


Targeted cryotherapy – all the benefits of cryotherapy but delivered directly on to the target areas for rapid relief and benefit.

Created and manufactured by our in-house experts in the UK in conjunction with experts in physiotherapy and pathophysiology, the Kaasen is a professional modality designed to deliver rapid therapeutic benefits and enhance the outcome of the physical therapy process.

Helps with both acute and chronic injuries

Feel Good Factor

Encourages a favourable biological response to the cold stress. This has been linked to improved levels of well-being.

"Cryotherapy applied via Kaasen is the most effective modality to date that I have introduced to my clients. And they love it."

David Jenkins BSc (Hons), Professional Sports Therapist, Sports Therapy Scotland

"We are using CryoStimulation as an integral part of our physical therapy treatments, with great results. In many cases the CryoStimulation has relieved symptoms more quickly than other methods of treatment. We highly recommend CryoStimulation as a part of physical therapy treatment to any therapist."

Agnieszka Hawrysz, Sports Injury Clinic Physiotherapist, Ireland